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Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom Worship

How will worship look moving forward during the quarantine?

We continue to try new avenues for worship.  Many gifted people in the church are applying their skills and expertise to help us try worshiping in new ways.  We have tried pre-recorded worship and drive-up worship.  We will now try teleconference worship via Zoom.  Our goal is to worship God in the best way we can while continuing to grow in faith together.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conference service.  It is like a conference call, but you can see everyone else and everyone can see you.  It is a way that we will all be able to worship together live!

How do I access the Zoom call to worship on Sunday morning?

On Friday, an email will go out to the entire church with a link to the Zoom meeting.  By clicking the link, you will be able to access the call.  If you have never used Zoom before, by clicking the link you will be directed to download the Zoom software first (this shouldn’t take long) and then you will be able to access the call.

You can also call in from your phone if you’d prefer to do that.  Details below.

Do I need a computer and Zoom software to be a part of the call?

No.  It is ideal if you can access the call via Zoom on your computer with a working webcam and microphone (because you will be able to see everyone else), but it is not necessary.  Our Friday emails will contain links to the calls for those wishing to access via computer and the call-in telephone number, meeting number and password for those wishing to access the worship via telephone.

Will I be recorded on the call?

No.  The only portion of the service that will be recorded is the sermon.  And during the sermon, we will be muting everyone’s camera so nobody but Pastor Kevin will be recorded.

Will I be able to talk to everyone else on the call?

Only at certain times.  We will be automatically muting everyone who calls in.  During the prayer time, everyone will have the option to unmute themselves if they would like to share a prayer request.  And then at the end of worship everyone will be unmuted again for a time of fellowship.  This is to cut down on background noise and distraction during the worship service.

Will the services be streamed on Facebook Live?

No.  Instead of streaming the service on Facebook, we will be recording the sermon portion of the service and posting it to Facebook at a later time.

What if I want to be on the call, but I don’t want people to see me?

In the spirit of fellowship, we suggest everyone use their webcam so your church family can see you and be encouraged.  However, if you do not want to be seen, you can opt to disable your camera for the call after you click “join a meeting,” or you can mute your camera during the call by clicking the “Stop Video” button in the lower left-hand corner.

How can I be a part of the worship service?

If you would like to participate in the worship service, we are always looking for people to read Scripture live, record themselves singing a song or saying a prayer.  Worshiping God is not a spectator sport.  It is important to be involved in worship.  If you would like to be involved in one of these ways or have other ways that you would like to contribute to the worship service, please email Pastor Kevin

How do I give financially online?

If you would like to give online there are two options: Through the church’s website (either by credit card or bank draft), or by using a service your bank’s website offers (i.e., Bill Pay).

How can I watch the service at a later time?

The only way to see the entire service is to access the Zoom call.  The only portion of the service that will be recorded is the sermon, which will be posted to our Facebook page, on YouTube and on the church’s website.


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