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First Congregational Church

September 23, 2022

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Weekly Discussion Groups

Tuesdays @ 1:00 pm

Discussion Group 

Wednesdays @ 1:00 pm

ZOOM Discussion Group

Thursdays @ 6:30 pm

Men’s Discussion Group

Sundays @ 9:00 am

Discussion Group (with child care)




Praying for

First Congregational Church

Each week we gather at 3:00 pm on Thursdays (in the sanctuary) to pray for one of the ministries of the church and one of the members of the congregation. If you cannot meet with us, please include the following ministry and members of our congregation in your regular prayers:

Ministry: Funeral Team

Member/Friend: Wiggins Family



Plastic Bags

Cutting plastic bags will resume on the fourth Monday of September, (September 26) at 9:30 am.  If you have saved bags, please bring them into the collection container in the narthex. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please join us.  All are welcome.  Everyone can help in one way or another.


Diane Williams



New Bulletin Board Policy


On September 14, the Council passed a new policy regarding bulletin boards.  The Director of Congregational Care will assign the use of 3 different bulletin boards:  the one in the narthex directly opposite the sanctuary doors, the one in the hallway between the bathrooms, and one on the stair landing between the upstairs and downstairs.


A Ministry team or church sponsored event can request use of the board on an ongoing basis, for a limited time, or for a special event such as Celebration of Music, or a new program. To request use of a bulletin board, email the current Director of Congregational Care, Janine Coley at


Any notices for community events, events at area churches or notices from members of the congregation (selling Girl Scout cookies, personal rummage sales or things such as music performances by congregation members) can be posted on the strips of corkboard in the hallway to the lounge and classrooms. The notices must be dated and will be removed after the event or 30 days.  Any notice for an event not in line with the standards of FCC will be removed.


Diane Williams


Anniversary Greetings for the Stoeckers

Rex and Joan Stoecker will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on October 11.  There are anniversary cards on the back table in the sanctuary for you to sign and share your best wishes on reaching this milestone.  There are also some pictures taken at their wedding for you to see. 


Diane Williams


Offering Report

Offering Expected to Date $106,536.65
Offering Received to Date $104,161.79
Difference ($2,374.86)

Servant Schedule

Sunday Liturgist Music Leader Sunday School Front Porch
9/25 Glenn K Cindy W   Consecration
10/2 Chris W Karen J No SS Personnel
10/9   Claire A   Missions


Worship This Sunday


We will be worshiping in-person and via Zoom this Sunday at 10:00 am. Visit these links for important information:





To access worship via Zoom, please use the information below:


Phone Number: (312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 459 288 4444

Password: 2623637249

Adult Bible Study will meet before church in the large classroom at 9:00. You can access the Bible study via Zoom as well:



Phone Number: (312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 459 288 4444

Password: 2623637249



  • Bob (from Rae-Ellen) passed away
  • Julie's Mom & Sister (from Beth) health concerns
  • Donna (from Diane W) passed away
  • Candi (from Linda G) health concerns
  • Dave & Karen J ~ safe travels
  • Carolyn W ~ health concerns
  • Carolyn E ~ health concerns
  • Dave B ~ health concerns
  • Elaine Z (from Rae-Ellen) 101st Birthday!
  • Our Nation
  • Our shut ins and those in ill health
  • Our Church leadership
  • Those in Need
  • Mission School of Hope & Clinic


Happy Birthday!

Rachael Wilson

September 29


Wendy Zvara

September 30


Happy Anniversary!


Terrence & Carolyn Connelly

September 27


Want to kick-start your
Bible reading?

Sometimes reading Scripture is challenging because our Bibles don't meet our current needs.  Is the type too small?  King James English confusing?  Need more explanation or maps? 

There are hundreds of Bible versions to consider, and two popular samples for you to look at are on the table outside the office:  NIV and ESV.  Many people find NIV an easier language style to read, but the extra-Biblical commentary is perhaps not as precise or accurate as other versions.  ESV is a more accurate Scripture translation with more precise references, but some verses use phrasing that is not as familiar to us.

Here are some links you may find useful:

ESV Super Giant print  (17 point font) 

ESV Giant print  (12 point font)  

ESV Sample on table (9 point font)  

NIV Starting Point (9.7 point) 

We hope this has been helpful.  Ultimately, The best Bible is the one you read. 



Hayride / Bonfire
Fellowship Event  

Sunday, Oct. 9 ~ 3:00 - 5:30 pm


The Fellowship Team will be hosting a hayride/bonfire out at the Rowntree Farms.  Thanks to Kay and Tom for hosting this wonderful event!  We will have some water, s'mores, and popcorn to munch on around the bonfire and everyone will enjoy a hayride around the property.  Please bring your own lawn chair ~ If you would prefer a different beverage, please bring one from home.  There is no bathroom, so please plan accordingly!  We hope you can join us!

Here are directions to the Rowntree's farm.  We will also have copies out on the communications table.

Directions to Rowntree Farms -

Go south on Hwy 83 toward Waterford

Hwy 20 will join Hwy 83 by the Cotton Exchange. Stay on 20/83.- At the next stop sign after the 2nd stoplight turn right (south)(there is a bunch of construction at this intersection).  This is still Hwy 83/20.

Go south past the Catholic Church until you come to the stoplight at Hwy 36 (there is a Burger King at this intersection).  Turn right on Hwy 36/83 toward Burlington.


Stay on Hwy 83/36.  Go past the stoplight at Hwy D and take a left at the next intersection which is Hwy J.

Go south on Hwy J and take the first left (east)-this is Rowntree Rd.  Go east on Rowntree Rd. until you see a large red barn on your right.  There will be traffic cones at the drive on the west side of the barn where you enter the farm property.  Drive back to the woods.  


There is no bathroom so plan accordingly!



Meal Train for the Clark Family

While Ashley is undergoing therapy, let's help them out by providing some meals. Here is the sign-up with all the details. Thank you!!




Do you want to receive God into your life and know fellowship with God? Come work or volunteer in the nursery and receive God’s blessing as described in Mark 9:37: “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.”

-Ashley C.

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Church Office


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Marni Wiggins

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Church Council


Moderator - Prakash Mathew



Moderator Elect - Diane Williams



Treasurer-Jean Brocker



Secretary-Joanne Himebauch



Budget & Finance-Ryan Venema



Property & Grounds-Bob Brandemuehl



Worship-Michael Zvara



Congregational Care-Janine Coley



Missions-Terry Buchmann



Christian Education-Sue Roberts


First Congregational Church
231 Roberts Drive
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PH: 262-363-7249

We are Committed to:

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